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Strengthen Your Spine and Live Pain Free

Am I  A Candidate?

1. Are you experiencing an episode of low back pain or neck pain that is not improving after 4 to 6 weeks? This can include mild to severe leg or arm pain associated with your spinal problems.

2. Do you have recurrent low back or neck problems (more than two significant episodes per year separated by pain free periods) that significantly affect your ability to do your desired activities?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then you should consider the MedX Strong spine strengthening program.

The Program!

MedX Strong offers a specialized, targeted strengthening program for individuals with back and/or neck pain. 


We have been treating patients successfully utilizing the MedX medical strengthening equipment and program in Northern Colorado for over Colorado for 25 years.


We focus on strengthening.  For 25+ years, we have been helping individuals achieve lasting relief from chronic neck and back pain. We do it by actively reconditioning and strengthening patient’s spinal muscles and support tissues. 


Weakened spine muscles don’t get stronger with just any exercise but do respond to challenging, targeted, progressive exercise.


More than 90 medical and scientific studies have shown that specific spinal strengthening exercises using the Med-X Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines help people get better, even after multiple failed attempts at other forms of treatment.


We use specialized equipment.  We utilize specialized Med-X medical strengthening machines that isolate and strengthen the most important supporting muscles of the back and neck.  Med-X is recognized as the Gold Standard for treating and reducing chronic back pain and dysfunction through specific spinal strengthening. 


Most exercise equipment at health clubs or physical therapy offices is not very effective in strengthening these very important muscles.  Consequently, one can “exercise” yet still be weak in the most critical areas: the neck and/or low back.


Our treatment protocol is evidence based and compliant with ODG (Occupational Disability Guidelines) and ACOEM (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) guidelines for intense exercise and strengthening.


This treatment approach has also been shown effective in preventing some surgeries.


Typical treatment consists of 2 supervised back and/or neck strengthening per week. 


Most patients can achieve maximum medical improvement in 12 to 24 sessions

Chronic Neck & Back FAQ's

FAQ #1

What kind of exercise has been show the most effective for reducing neck and back pain?

All exercise is not created equal!


Research has shown that the exercise must be "challenging, targeted, and progressive” to cause the back muscles to become stronger.


Challenging – intense enough to cause the muscles to become stronger

Targeted – specific for the muscles of the spine


Progressive – the exercise intensity is increased as muscles gain strength.


This is why walking or pool exercise is seldom effective for patients with chronic back problems.  These exercises are NOT challenging for the back muscles. NOT targeted for the back muscles, and NOT progressive. 


For example, it is very difficult to increase the intensity of pool exercise and walking.

MedX Medical Exercise Equipment is very effective in providing specific strengthening for the muscles of the neck/back to reduce pain and increase function.

Strong back - Healthy back

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