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Here are some testimonials from just a few of our satisfied clients!


I decided to see a specialist after working out one morning and when I finished, I couldn't get up off the mat and was able to crawl to the weight machine and pull myself up.  I signed up for the MEDX 12-week program... and was amazed at my condition after we were finished.  I am able to play golf, do heavy yard work, and even shovel snow! MEDX was a savior for me and I would give MEDX my highest recommendation!  Ralph F.


I had been struggling with lower back pain for about 9 months.  After going to numerous doctors and other physical therapy providers with no inprovement, I decided to try MEDX.  Since coming to MEDX, my pain has decreased, my range of motion was greatly improved and my strength has increased.  I have a much better quality of life...... The MEDX program has put me on the right path to recovery!   Joe M.


After completing this program, I have significantly less pain in my neck and much greater range of motion.  I no longer have pain in my jaw or tingling down my arm! 


I have made so much progess in strength and mobility.  When I started I was almost hopeless about my mobility.   Lots of hands on guidance and positive reinforcement partnered with incremental increases in weight has resulted in a positive outlook and hope for continuing recovery.  Barbara R.


The MEDX technique for back pain is focused on strength training.  After my first day of training I noticed increases to my range of motion and a decrease  in my pain.  After completing the program, I now have the knowledge to keep my back strong, my pain managed and my lifestyle active.  Blake M.

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